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Home > About Us > Vision & Mission
Home > About Us > Vision & Mission
NAMCO’s mission is to be a technologically advanced engineering and manufacturing company, that builds the best possible quality geared products, and to be the vendor of choice for all mechanical power transmission needs of our clients and target customers.

Driven by the energy of our staff members and backstopped by ongoing technological advancement, NAMCO strives to be continually recognized on a global level as an industry leading manufacturer of Split Shaft pto’s, transfer cases, multi speed transmissions, direct engine mount transmissions, pump drives, speed increasers, reduction drives, planetary gear drives, right angle drives and any other mechanical component required.
To create measurable results for our clients by appyling only the most innovative production methods. To be a dynamic, client focused organization oriented toward growth and recognized for excellence by: Being responsive to our clients' needs through flexibility and creativity, offering a range of services that distinguish us from a typical manufacturing facility, remain commited to an early involvement approach, continuing to be a learning organization, providing an environment that attracts, develops, and retains the best people in the industry, and assuring profitability as a result of client satisfaction.
We will uphold the highest ethical standards in our interactions with each other and with our customers, suppliers, partners, and the community. We will provide recognition and reward based upon ideas, contributions and efforts that create a positive impact in our manufacturing and assembly processes, the quality of our products and subsequently the overall success of the company. We will endeavor to maintain a working environment that is positively energized, safe and clean. We will remain committed to on- going progressive learning, technological advancement and fiscally responsible growth so that we may continue to improve upon our traditions of quality and innovation.
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