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Home > About Us > Our Team
Management & Office Team
NAMCO is an Edmonton based, family owned organization. The Vuković family has been committed to excellence in manufacturing for over 44 years, and intends to carry on its commitment to quality, innovation, honesty, and growth well into the future. Along with the family, the entire management team is dedicated to these values. The team's dedication to NAMCO's vision, coupled with its business, machining, gearing, and engineering expertise ensures that NAMCO's customers are receiving quality products and ethical service. Our team is committed to building the best products and relationships in the industry. We look forward to speaking with you!

Manufacturing Team
The NAMCO team is comprised of men and women who take pride in their work and who are among the best in the industry. Each employee is dedicated to quality, precision, and service. NAMCO retains its’ employees for an average of 15 years and more. This long term retention of our staff, allows us to be confident in each and every product and component that leaves our doors.

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