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Home > Products > ALTA RIG Drawworks
Home > Products > ALTA RIG Drawworks
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ALTA Rig was founded in 2005, with the prime directive of building superior AC Drilling Drawworks and designing new technologies to aid our customers in making themselves more productive and competitive in the oilfield market.

In our approximate 15 year history, we have received many accolades for our superior product quality and design.  We highly encourage you to contact us for a list of clients and references to find out first hand the superior craftsmanship of ALTA Rig Systems.

Gear driven drawworks are now the industry standard when it comes to oil & gas drilling rigs. The major reasons are improved safety, optimal performance & control, significant weight & size reduction, and considerably increased reliability. Combining the different performance characteristics of a dynamic emergency brake, a regenerative brake via the drive motors, with an intelligent automated Drawworks Control package provides a higher standard.

When it comes to Gear Driven drawworks, nobody does it better than ALTA Rig Drawworks. ALTA Rig drawworks were pioneers in this field and continue to be the industry standard. Since 2005, we have produced over 350+ gear driven drawworks for various drilling contractors world wide.

Gear Driven Drawworks are avialable in various sizes and configurations.
  • 400HP to 6000HP (and larger)
  • Single speed, 2-speed, and 3-speed options
  • Single motor or multiple drive motors
  • On-shore and off-shore applications

ALTA Rig Systems offers 3 different drilling drawworks concepts which provide the most advanced drawworks in the industry.
  • AC Electric Gear Driven Drawworks
  • DC Electric Gerar Driven Drawworks
  • Diesel Gear Driven Drawworks

ALTA Rig Systems also manufactures custom drawworks designed and engineered to our customer's requirements. We welcome any inquiries.

Gear Drives
Genuine NAMCO Gear Drives.
ALTA Rig Systems uses only Genuine NAMCO Gear Drives on our drawworks.  When using a product that revolves primarily around the gearbox, it is imperative to use a product that is proven to be the industry standard.  NAMCO is known in the Oilfield Industry worldwide to be the premiere gear drive solution provider.

ALTA Rig Systems controls every aspect of manufacture.  All drawworks are made in Alberta by superior tradespersons.  A.R.S. is not a company that Sub-Contracts out parts to the “cheapest bidder.”  Every component is made under our direct supervision with high precision CNC turning and milling enters and assembled according to our high tolerance engineering criteria.  We do not farm out our components for manufacture.  We design and have direct impact on the production of our drawworks.

However, rig incidents do happen and we stand behind our product.  And should something happen on your drilling rig, we have 24-Hour service available.  It is in our interest that your rig returns to production as quickly as possible. 

Telephone 24-Hour Service: +1(780) 440-6630

As a division of NAMCO, ALTA Rig maintains the highest quality standards. Our quality management system is rated to ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1. We are an API 7K certified drawworks manufacturer.

Each drawworks produced in our factory undergoes rigorous inspection through various stages of manufacturing, and is finally completed with an operational, various-speed , in-house Factory Acceptance Test.
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