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Gear Works
NAMCO is one of a limited few group of companies that has invested substantially into Gear Works. With a wide range of capabilities we are able to produce any gear, gear set, or gear drive that is brought into our facility. NAMCO is devoted to the gear industry and has thoroughly specialized in superior gear products in order to fully service your power transmission requirements.

  • CNC & manual Gear equipment (hobbing, shaping, grinding)
  • CNC generation and profile Gear grinding (AGMA Q15 / DIN 1)
  • Gear types: Spur, Helical, Worm gears, Bevel, Spiral Bevel
  • Spline types: Internal & External Involute Splines (ANSI & DIN), straight splines
  • Gear sizes: 1/2” to 120” (10 ft.) (12mm – 3000mm)

Gear Hobbing
Hobbing is the most common method of cutting gear teeth. Spur, helical, and worm gears can be generated using this method. Herringbone gears can also be formed if the apex groove is large enough for the cutter. External straight and involute splines can also be formed using this process.

Gear Shaping
Shaping generates teeth with either a pinion (Standard method) or rack shaped cutter (MAAG method), removing stock from the face of the gear blank in a reciprocating motion, while the gear blank is slowly indexed according to the proper ratios. Spur, helical, herringbone (double-helical), and rack gears can be generated on a shaper. Straight and involute splines may also be generated. The major advantage of the shaper is the ability to generate external as well as internal splines & gears as well as being able to create cluster gears or gears with little or no cutter clearance.

Gear Grinding
Namco utilizes some of the best gear equipment in the world in order to meet or exceed any OEM specifications. We are able to design and manufacture all types of gears to meet the highest AGMA and DIN industry standards and specifications. At NAMCO, our processes include high volume threaded wheel generating grinding and precision profile gear grinding and manufacturing as high as AGMA Q15 and DIN 1.

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