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Home > A Message from The President
Home > A Message from The President
A Message from The President

Looking back with pride... Gearing up for the future!

NAMCO was founded in 1976 by Ivan Vuković, and grew slowly and steadily over the years to become the powerhouse in gearing it is today. Like any enduring entity, NAMCO is built upon a solid foundation of quality, service and innovation. It is these fundamental elements put forward by our founder that allow the next generation to move forward as innovation leaders.

Our products are now widely accepted throughout gearing and related industries. This market strength has allowed us to fill over 60,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication space with the latest high tech instrumentation, machine tools, and engineering programs available in the world today. Our staff continues to put forth excellent products with the utmost in quality and reliability in mind. This is how NAMCO adds value for our customers. Innovative and reliable products with the highest quality craftsmanship, is what NAMCO is known for, and what the company will continue to provide in the future.

As the President of NAMCO, I am proud of the exemplary history of our company, and I am excited about the potential our current team has. We are definitely geared up for the future. We look forward to working on cutting edge possibilities with our customers and other stakeholders.

Thank you in advance for your patronage, support, and collaboration.

Bernard Vuković
NAMCO Machine & Gear Works Ltd
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