Superior Design

NAMCO’s mission to produce a first rate product relies on 4 key features.

  • Top Quality Bearings: NAMCO uses only the best quality bearings in our products which provide extreme reliability, the highest load ratings, maximum rigidity, and low operating temperatures. Only SKF and SCHAFFLER Group Industrial (INA & F.A.G) Bearings are allowed in our gearboxes.
  • Precision Gear Case: Fabricated Steel Gearbox that is stress relieved and CNC Precision Line-bored. The steel housing provides better vibration absorption and a more rigid operating environment. . Each gear case is produced with high durability steel, and yet are remarkably light weight. NAMCO does not use cast iron or aluminum gear cases. The reason being is that an aluminum case is not as reliable as a steel case. Aluminum has a high co-efficient of thermal expansion. Once an aluminum gear case reaches operating temperature, it will expand and cause shafts to mis-align and the bearings to lose pre-load.
  • Gear Quality: While most other companies boast of producing AGMA Quality 11 (ISO/DIN 5) gears, NAMCO is the only company in the industry that can produce gears to a level of AGMA Quality 15 (DIN 1); the highest quality gear rating possible. NAMCO is one of a select few companies around the globe with the capability to provide CNC full profile gear grinding. All gears in our gearboxes are rated to a minimum of AGMA Q13. Carburized hardened and CNC Profile ground Gears, complete with Gear-tooth Profile and Lead modifications remove stress and strain from gear tips, faces, and roots (to center load-carrying area) of the gear teeth. Gears ground in this manner, have smoother and quieter operations, less wear, and less heat and friction losses.
  • Simplicity: NAMCO has fewer parts and components in our products compared to any other manufacturer in the field.

NAMCO is a proud member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association. Namco-manufactured gear products meet and exceed all AGMA standards as well as our own rigid quality specifications. That's your assurance of maximum value, consistent reliability and longer operating life.