Parallel Shaft Gearboxes (Enclosed Drives)

You can rely on NAMCO gearboxes to deliver picture-perfect performance because NAMCO delivers the total power transmission package.

Right from the start, NAMCO gear drives feature superrugged designs to meet every operating challenge. They are site-proven in the world's most demanding applications to take plenty of tough, on-the-job punishment.

Application-engineered to minimize stress and wear, and to extend service life, these drives deliver steady, trouble free operation, dayafter- day. They are also specially designed and constructed to offer you maximum application flexibility.

Most notably, NAMCO’s customers get NAMCO service - total service. Service that begins with the first contact, complete with the applications expertise to make sure you get the right gear drive for your particular need.

Also, our technical service and parts support assure maximum uptime with maximum gear drive performance. Put it all together, and you get unbeatable NAMCO value.

Industries Served:

  • Pulp & Paper - Parallel Shaft Gearboxes for multiple applications
  • ooling Towers & Chemical Plants - Mixer drives, Fan drives, Chemical Processing Drives
  • Utilities - Power Generation and Water Treatment
  • Food & Beverage Processing - Primary and secondary new or upgrade units for higher power and throughput demands
  • Aluminum & Steel - Heavy Duty mill drives for hot mills and cold rolling steel
  • Mining- Open Gearing and crusher drives
  • Marine - Propulsion Drives
  • Petroleum (Oil & Gas)- Gas processing and Drawworks Drives
  • Cement - Single and multiple reduction speed reducers for calcining and cement processing.
  • Plastics - Light & Heavy Duty Extruder Drives
  • Rubber - Multiple configurations including dual output mixers
  • Sugar - Processing Gear Drives