Epicyclic (Planetary) Drives

NAMCO is recognised as a leader of epicyclic gearboxes for a variety of industries. NAMCO manufactures all types of planetary drives: from down-hole pumping & directional drilling, to torque-converters & high speed drives.

From Top Drive & Drawworks applications to decanter & centrifuge gearboxes, NAMCO has the knowledge and expertise to meet all of your planetary requirements. With over 30 years in gear drive designs we pride ourselves on the ability to provide the customer with dependable and quality products at reasonable prices.

Please contact us with any of your epicyclic drive train requirements. Benefits of the epicyclic gearbox are well proven and include:

  • Highest Mechanical Efficiency
  • Compact/Lightweight solutions
  • reduced noise due to lower pitch line velocity
  • coaxial shaft arrangement
  • a variety of mounting options