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 NAMCO can be reached by telephone from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mountain Standard Time (GMT -07:00). Facsimile and e-mail messages are received 24 hours per day. NAMCO is also served by all express mail services.

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NAMCO Machine & Gear Works

9168 – 35 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 6N9 – Canada
Tel: +(780)463-5602
Fax: +(780)461-2113


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NAMCO's manufacturing, repair and service facility is located in south Edmonton near all major amenities and support facilities. Edmonton, Alberta's capital city, is Canada's fifth largest urban area and, has entered the new millennium with the strongest economic growth rate of all metropolitan centers in Canada. Alberta is also projected to lead the country in growth performance over all other provinces. All of this combined with NAMCO's strong performance and dedication to quality will ensure great customer service for many years to come.


We invite you to visit our facilities for a first-hand look at our new plant and equipment, as well as to meet with our team. We believe that an in-person tour will best display our wide range of engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We look forward to your arrival.


9168-35 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
Open at: 8:00AM (08:00 h)
Close at: 5:00PM (17:00 h)
Mountain Standard Time – MST (GMT:-07:00)