Custom Machining

Namco has earned a long-standing reputation for excellence in custom machining. Over the years our team has created what is now a highly respected machine shop capable of manufacturing large custom equipment as well as machining specialized components.

Our custom shop has a diversified range of equipment from large boring mills and lathes, to small drill presses & high precision cylindrical and surface grinders. This gives us the capability to successfully manufacture a wide variety of precise and complex equipment.

NAMCO has been servicing heavy industry for over a quarter of a century and has continued to meet the needs of this highly specialized marketplace. This success is due to our workforce.

NAMCO prides itself on its employees. We provide an environment where the best people in the industry can learn, work, achieve and grow. Because of our commitment to learning, we strive to produce not only high quality machined components, but also Artisan Craftsmen. This translates into better products and results for our customers.