CNC Machining

NAMCO's first CNC turning center arrived in 1979 and at the time we were one of a small number of companies in Alberta with CNC capabilities. Although CNC machines are common-place in many companies today, Namco still prides itself in having high quality machine-tools sourced from the premiere suppliers in the world. At Namco, it is our goal is to stay on the leading edge of precision machining technology. We offer our customers a complete range of CNC machining services along with design support and the highest level of customer service.

CNC turning centers with bar changing and bar feeding capabilities allow operators to run multiple machines simultaneously.

Machine options such as through spindle coolant enhance our competitive advantage. Because coolant can be directed through the center of the tooling onto the cutting surface, machine speeds and feeds can be increased without sacrificing surface finishes and dimensional accuracy.

CNC vertical machining centers with (7) axis capabilities make it possible to machine all sides of a component without repositioning. This eliminates interruption in the machining cycle time and improves the accuracy of machined features, which translates into lower prices and better quality for our customers.