CNC Profile Grinding

At NAMCO, our policy is to continue upgrading our skills, programs, and machinery. NAMCO's focus on expanding our gearing capabilities has propelled the company into the international arena.

While most other companies boast of producing AGMA Quality 12 gears, NAMCO is the only company in Canada that can produce the size of gears we do, and at a level of AGMA Quality 15 (DIN 1); the highest quality gear rating possible. NAMCO is one of a select few companies around the globe with the capability to provide CNC full profile gear grinding.

NAMCO is also one of a select few businesses that has invested in internal gear grinding. By doing this, we ensure that only the highest quality product leaves NAMCO's doors.

NAMCO has been a leader in the gearing industry in Canada for many years. Along with being the first and only company in Alberta to invest substantially into the gear industry, NAMCO has invested into quality. The difference is the gear grinding.

While generation grinding is somewhat acceptable, it still does not produce a true involute profile as in CNC gear grinding. Generation grinding still produces tangents to the involute form, while CNC profile grinding is done with two high-precision dressing units that form the grinding stone to each specific gear, pitch, and profile. Developing the correct involute is no longer a "hit and miss" experience.

NAMCO's fully intergrated computerized measuring system of gears ensure quality. CNC stock dividing and alignment ensure that the gear is ground properly the first time. Comprehensive computerized measuring of all data is neatly printed out for the customer for their records.