Since the founding of the company in 1976, NAMCO Machine & Gear Works has built a solid reputation for quality, service and reliability. We continually strive to expand upon these traditions so that we will meet the rapid changes and demanding standards of the industries to which we cater. NAMCO welcomes these expectations for they fuel the company's primary goals of increasing customer satisfaction and developing innovative products. The level of commitment and expertise our staff dedicates to these goals has made NAMCO not only a unique company, but also an exceptionally versatile one.

At NAMCO, we believe that if you're not riding the wave of change... you'll find yourself beneath it. That holds true with every aspect of the company. From our ongoing expansion of gear works, to higher quality machining capabilities, leading edge computer and engineering programs, and our state of the art facility, NAMCO is a dynamic and ever-expanding company.

A message from the President

A Tradition of Quality